Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ I Think It's About Time ~

It's Time to Share my Surprise with You too!

I was surprised to see that I had been picked as A New Kid On The Blog / Block !
 along with 4 others .
  So now It's my turn ...

I was given the Liebster Blog Award by My New Friend Sharon
 @ Sharon's Wannabe Cottage Blog
She is a very talented artist , and craft person, and it turns out that we live within 25 miles of each other.

What is the Liebster Blog Award you say ?

Well it is an award created to recognize cool and amazing blogs with less than 100 followers.

The rules of the Liebster Award are as follows.

 It's an award handed over to your favorite 5 blogs that have less than 100 followers.
The award is passed on to the five by commenting on their blog, telling them their blog is one of your favorites and that they have been chosen for the Liebster Blog Award.
The one who receives the award post the links to the person who gave it to them and five of his/her favorite bloggers with less than 100 followers.
So here are my five favorites

1. This Old House In New Liberty 

I just found you & was very impressed to see what you had done to your floors & kitchen cabinets.
Keep up the good work & I'll be checking back in on you! : )

2. Country Charisma

What a joy to find you ... I especially enjoyed your Christmas decorating post. 
I love your Antique Beds & was excited to see you are a Pillow Lover like Me! 
Looking forward to your next post. :) 

 3. A Small Town Girl

What a Cupcake you are! Such a fun Blog too.
 If you like cupcakes this is your gal!
Cakes of all kinds & shapes & colors!
Edible & Non Edible!

4. Our Country Home

Such a fun Blog you have. 
Very colorful & very crafty!
I plan to be dropping by quite often!

5. Shabby Junk

Sweet ... it what I have to say about this little Blog.
I can tell that we are on the same page!
We love Junk & Our Grand-kids! :)

Thanks, Sharon


  1. You picked some good ones ! I am following a few of them now too.

  2. WOW I am flattered!!! Thanks!!! I had been to your blog before and liked it but had not bookmarked it and well lets just say I get lost sometimes in Blogland! Ha! But it is saved now!


  3. Glenda, thanks for the compliments . It was nice to be among the other 4. judy

  4. Hey there Glenda!
    ummm... better late than never?? - lol
    Sorry it has taken me so long to comment back, and pick my 5 blogs. I've had quite a bit on my plate lately(so to speak).
    Ok, well let me begin by saying that I am Very flattered AND honored as this will be my very first blogging award ever *blushing* & gee-willickers I am one Very happy lil-cupcake right now! ;)
    I'm really shocked that I haven't run across your blog before because your 'stuff' (content) is the kinda goods I'm always on the look-out for.
    & Ima thinkin we have quite a few things in common: I too am a child of Faith and also a Mother (of 1 Daughter). We both share a love of Vintage and a good flea-market 'find' to refurbish & redo. I Love crafting of all kinds, especially painting, sewing, & ANYTHING that is in the Cottage, Shabby-chic style.
    AND... last but hardly least, can't forget to mention good'ole down-home county cookin!
    I'm lovin that blog post you did recently btw - it was lookin UmmMmm -fingerlickin good!!
    Oh and I almost forgot -- The nobody sees No-How, No-Way... well Mine is a "ROOM". It is my daughters old bedroom. uhh, its supposed to be turning into my office space(slash)workout room(slash)craft studio... yeh. Still tryin to get to that project! LOL
    ok, enough of my jibba-jabba. I'm off to blog-blog land to make my picks for the 5 Bodacious Blogs w/less than 100 followers -yay!
    Stayed tuned Ladies (& Gents?)cause ya-kno I'm gonna come up with some doosies for y'all that your just gonna love!
    Take Care and Love & Blessings,