Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Give Me 10 Minutes ~ Please

I put this together in 10 minutes or less.
Well after I ran to the Dollar Tree & gathered the supplies.

Getting into the Spirit of it all!

Black Creepy Cloth & Orange Pumpkin 

You will have lots of the netting left to drape on a table & us to add to your decorations.

Cut out the Stem
(sorry the picture isn't all that great)

Run to the Woods & grab a stick!
Hot glue it along with some Spanish Moss ( I used the Green color )
Cut the webbing just to gather up around the pumpkin & hot glue in place.
I let pieces sprig out ... you don't want it to look to perfect.
Then you can add leaves, flowers, spiders, or what ever you like. 

 There You Have It!

Sigh ...
Now after all that hard work ... I think I need a cup of Coffee! 

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  1. Love those $ Store makeovers that turn out looking so great! Thanx for sharing! Tiff