Friday, January 21, 2011

~*~ I Love Bed Trays ~*~

*    .First let me say that all my bed trays are Antique Doll Beds 

I have a thing for Antique Children's Toys of all kinds!

When I found this one it was dirty, & needed some TLC!
So I went right to work ...
It was missing it's bottom ... so I cut one to fit.
It was a UGLY color brown so I painted it white. 
Later I added the wood spindle knobs to it & then painted them too!

The bunny on the tray was a craft that I made many years ago when I was doing alot of wood crafts.
Somethings you just like & can't let go of !

Anybody up for a Spot of Tea ?

This Tea Pot was giving to me several years ago from my BFF.
I have dropped it several times & broke it ... I just keep gluing it back together & putting it back on my tray !

My Red Bedroom !

This Little Doll Bed was giving to me from my Aunt Sue.
She found it at a garage sale.
It hooks together just like a real bed at the top & bottom.
I absolutely LOVE it!

The tea pot on this bed was giving to me also from my BFF.
The Little Bell was giving to me from my sister "Lavon" years ago when I had just opened my 
Country Heaven Gift Shop in Warsaw, Mo.
I opened up in March of 1996 & in September 1996 ... I had to close it because my husband took a job
in another town ... 2 hrs away.

My Safari Room

I found this Little Antique Doll Bed ... I really can't remember where.
I think it was a flea market?
 I've slept since then!

Shes a Cutie! 

That is all My Antique Doll Bed Trays. 
I have a couple others but I've run out of bedrooms!
I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!
Now get out there & go Treasure Hunting & show us what you have found!

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