Monday, March 14, 2011

??? Still Waiting ???

Please don't take this the wrong way ...
I have been blogging now for several months. I didn't think it would be this hard for people to find me.
What was I thinking???

I have visited so many blogs & love just as many! I have my favorite ones saved to my favorites & posted on my blog also as my favorites .... but I am still waiting for you to find me.

I'm not ready to put my hands up in the air & quit yet !

Maybe you have found me & I'm just not what you care for in the way of blogging.
That makes me sad if that is it. :"(

I try to share with you the things that I love & enjoy too. Things I have done & am doing.
As of today I have 18 followers ... and only about 25 comments have been left by others.
Which I appreciate very much !

I started blogging in Oct of 2010.
Please, let me know if you enjoy my blogs or if there is something I need to do to make it more accessible to be found by the blogging world out there.  :)
I enjoy doing it even though it is alot of work getting all the pictures & then cropping, & etc.

I have been thinking that maybe they are not EXCITING enough ... to long ... to short ... to many pictures not enough pictures ... need more PETS ... to countrified?

Help me !!! I need some feedback !

I'm ready to roll up my sleeves & work at making it better if need be !
Lord only knows that I have "HOARDS" of more stuff to post about !

Just what is in my Garage alone could keep me posting for years to come !     LOL!

Thanks, for reading & listen to me go on & on & on & on !  Hopefully this will help some ... 



  1. Hang in there girl !" Build it and They will come". lol. I left you a message in facebook.

  2. I have been blogging since last April and only have 20 official followers.... but I sure have hits that I have no clue where they come from! I guess I didn't really do it for anyone else to start with other than our kids so they could see what we were doing with the house! I have had fun blogging and meeting some new friends!
    Hang in there!


  3. Howdy Glenda!
    just wanted to check back in with ya & let you know that I'ma still workin on gettin those 5 Best Blogs under 100 followers to pass the Award on to(I have 3 so far).
    It is alot harder than I thought to find those 'beginner' blogs (so-to-speak), but I LOVE this task cause I know it will help out the gals(or gents)that are just getting started with their blogging. =D
    And..... speaking of that/in response to your blog post today. I've been blogging since 2008 but it just started out as a way to talk to & show cool things to my friends.
    As I became more interested I did research and began to learn as much as I could on the subject (& I continue to learn something new/helpful each day). It is ALOT more involved than I ever realized, BUT it can be learned, it just takes the time & dedication, or I guess some people hire others to do this work for them?? personally I do not have the bankroll for that, lol.
    I've been trying to post LINKS to the most helpful articles on my Twitter, Stumbleupon and also just started a new Blog for wahm (work at home moms) on how blogging can be an extra source of income ie: How to get your blog seen, read & followed.
    Which reminds me I need to post on that lil' ole blog asap!! lol
    ahhh so little time, so many blogs... ;)
    We will have to 'get together' & talk (other than comment postings) and I'll be able to help you with alot more detailed & specific things you can do to get your blog out there & seen!
    Hope you have a Fan-tabulous week my Darlin'
    ttys (talk-to-you-soon)

  4. Hi Glenda!

    I don't have a blog but I love to pass time reading all the wonderful blogs I've found and YOUR'S is one of them. I have you saved as a favorite and I check in frequently. You're doing a great job ---------- don't give up!
    Jana in Texas

  5. I could have written that myself! Actually, I've been blogging about 4 years. Had it all going my way, getting comments, no followers because either that hadn't been invented yet or I didn't "get" it or something. But then I got a shop which took over my life and the blog posts got few and far between. Lost my regular readers and now that I'm trying to get it up and running again I've found that the people who started out about the same time I did, the people I kept up with and who kept up with me have either stopped blogging or have gone on to become "famous". Restarting is like starting all over. Or worse! Another thing that hurt me was going from a Blogspot blog to my own hosted blog. I think that confused some folks.

    So here I am a somewhat experienced blogger groping along, commenting and following hoping for the same in return. Crickets. I'm bribing with give-aways. More crickets. Well, that's helping some, but not with the follower amount. I showed a friend of mine how to blog. Helped her set it up and everything. She's a couple of months out and has more followers and gets more comments. I don't get it! If you figure it out, please let me know. I too wonder if nobody cares for my posts, are my pictures too big, is the design crappy? Just what is it? I will say this. There are soooo many blogs out there and so little time, people just don't comment as much as they used to. But then we see the blogs that by the time we see the post that's a few hours old, there are already 65 comments. Now, some of these are absolutely fabulous. But some? Not so much. No, I just don't get it. Oh, wait. Maybe if we get published in a magazine they'll flock to us. ;-)

    I tend to get behind on my reading and commenting. Just now getting caught up from not reading a couple of days last week.