Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Strangest Thing Happened

I took these Pictures with My Droid X Cell Phone
I didn't realize it was set on Negative when I was taking them.

I think they turned out kind of Cool though!

The sky was a real Pretty Blue ... you sure can't tell it by looking at these.  

I was on Top of a Mountain looking Down over a Valley.
I was overlooking ... Harrison, Arkansas.

I love this effect ... through the trees.

This was taken in The Valley of  Boxley, Arkansas. 
also known as " Boxley Valley Arkansas"
Notice the Two White Dots?

A Pair of Trumpeter Swans.

You wouldn't know but there are Two Elk grazing at the edge of the woods in this picture.
This is a Wonderful Place to go Camping, Canoeing, Hiking & The Drive is Beautiful !

Have a GREAT Day!



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  1. Really neat pictures Glenda ! The first one is my favorite .