Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm A Winner !

I entered this contest where you send in 2 pictures that tell a story.
You couldn't post any words with them.


I WON!!!!

I was so Surprised, Excited  &  Happy ! Thanks Ozark Folkways !  :-)
Our kids years ago saved 2 baby wild rabbits out of a dogs mouth in Arkansas. It was on an Easter Sunday.  Sooooo  we brought them home with us to Missouri. They feed them with a eye dropper & after school they would let them out of their cage & have the run of the house. We had so much fun & enjoyed watching them run, jump & play. When they were old enough to be put outside. We turned them lose in a brush pile at the edge of the woods out back of our home.

Where They Lived Happily Ever After! :)

Our girls named them ...
 Streak & Struck

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