Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Little Green Corner Shelf

She Is Still Hanging Pretty!

She measures about 24" in length.
You can see more of the crackled detail here.

Years ago this Little Green Shelf  belonged to my husbands Grandparents.
 Maybe even as far back as his Great Grandparents.
 After his Grandparents had passed away.
I went into their old smoke house out in the back yard.
 Snooping around ... with my Mother in Law along side. 
I found the vintage green corner shelf & this old camel back trunk all covered in dust & grime.
I have cherished & used it for over 40 some years now.
I fell in love with the crackled green paint even way back then.
When most people wanted all new I was into all things old & shabby even then.

 I had the old camel back trunk refurbished & gave it to my oldest daughter.
She too loves old & shabby things & will keep it in the family for years to come.
Hopefully one of my Grand-kids will want to keep it and pass it on down to one of their children.

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