Monday, February 21, 2011

??? My Dilemma ???

I have this Framed Picture titled 

 " Morning Melody "
      It has some damaged spots on it & I don't know if I should repair them or just leave them alone?

The worse spots are over the piano.

From a distance they aren't that noticeable.

The water spots  ... They don't bother me at all !
 : )

 I don't know if I should just leave it the way it is now & hang it anyway or fix the boo boos.
 So I thought I would get every-one's input on it.

I have 2 other pictures with the same theme.
I hang this one in ~ my Red bedroom .
I don't know the title of it so if anyone out there does please let me know.

So for now I'll call it ...

" The Soloist "  

This one is Titled

" The Rehearsal "

This one is hanging on my stairwell wall.

Please leave me your comments ... I would love to hear what your opinion is on this matter?



  1. If this was an oil painting , I think I would fix it, but if it is a print I would leave it alone ,The spots and water damage just give it age and character .

  2. Hi Glenda, thank you so much for visiting and leaving your nice comments! I have enjoyed your blog again today, and love your artistic talents applied to your walls! The painted stones are ingenious! It is so much fun to link up with fellow artists and liked-minded believers. As for the print, I think I would leave it alone, but if the spots bother you, then maybe touch them up with acrylics. The damage has already effected the value, so if you want to touch it up for your own pleasure, why not? Have a blessed day. Carrell