Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grandma Lula's Fried Poke Salad


The young tender shoots that come up in early spring. 

Grandma Lula & Grandpa Melvin

Pick these while they are still young & tender
 wash in cool water.

Then cut up leaves & tender stalks in bowl

It will cook down some so be sure to make enough!

Then next I add corn meal, all propose flour, salt & pepper.

1 cup of the flour & 1 cup cornmeal each

I then grab a clean Walmart bag

add my corn meal to bag

then the flour

about 1 teaspoon salt

then I add black pepper ... I just guess at this

add cut up greens

Twist the bag & shake it real good!

Looking good !!!

Then get your skillet ready to fry ... starting on Medium heat ... I us cooking oil & also add some bacon drippings to it.
It will take more oil as it is cooking so ... be sure to check it often & turn over & stir so it doesn't burn!   

I put a lid on it so it can steam cook for a little while.
 Then when it starts to brown I remove the lid & finish cooking without the lid. 
I turn the heat up just a notch!
 You will need to stay with it just to make sure it doesn't burn / scorch!

 Looking Good!!!

Getting There!!!!

When it is Crispy &  Golden Brown then it is

~ Serve ~

This goes great with Pork Chops, Black-eyed Peas, Mashed Potatoes, & Picked Beets!

 This is one of my Best Memories of my Grandma Lula. 
She also taught me how to make her
 Fried Cornbread !
She was a GREAT cook!!!
I miss her & the times we shared together.

This is Me

Going to Grandma's House!

 Mother said that when I was a little girl ... 
I would climb the gate & run away to my Grandparents house.
They just lived down this little Back Lane St. in the Small Town where I grew up!
( it was kind of like living in Mayberry! )


  1. oh my gosh, I've never had it fried! My husband is always wanting some, I would show him...but he might lick the screen...and LOVE the pic of your grandparents and the heritage behind the recipe.

  2. My Mom fixed poke but she just wilted it in a skillet & served it with brown beans & cornbread. I was never a big fan but probably would like it today. There's just something about green stuff when you're little. Jan

  3. I grew up on poke with soup beans and cornbread"pinto beans".Here in the mountains of East KY.there is no shortage of poke.What a lot of people don't realize is that if you cut the stalks instead of pulling it up you can come back time and again to the same plants all the way up to early Fall.

  4. I grew up in poke boiled then iron skillet fried with beaten eggs until done. Served with cornbread & onion. Still love it. Most people don't even know what poke is anymore. I do have a question. I was taught you had to boil the poke first to get the "poison" out. Is it or not? And can you eat the tubers? I know my dad loved the stalk cut up, breaded then deep fried.