Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt In Greenwood, Arkansas

Once again my friend "Nancy" & I went on another one of our
 All In A Day Trips!
The first stop was in Greenwood, Arkansas.
 In the old down town we found this little frontier setting.
 This building at one time was the jail house ... it's a museum now.
It was closed so we didn't get inside ...
Not sure when or if it is ever open. 

The end of the Museum had this monument.

As we walked in this little park area it had several old buildings.  

Frontier Log  Home

This is the backside of one of the other buildings.

I know this would be much prettier in the spring or summer when everything is green & leafed out!

I liked this stone walk way.
I think it looks like a crows foot! :)

The Old Barn

The Old School House

Walkway Bridge

You just got to have one of these!!!
So now on to the important stuff...
My new / old found Treasures!

Old postcards to add to my collection, a couple new flower frogs, old candy box, toy cookie sheet,
 a wages book. & old pin cushion tin.

The bottom of the pin cushion tin ... made in occupied Japan.

I bought this old candy box to use with another one that I had at home.
Funny thing is when I put them together they were the same box only a different size.


I put these old  boxes out for Valentines Day decor.

I collect Old Flower Frogs ... I had never seen one like the one on the left before.
It is called a Hairpin Flower Frog.
Wonder why???

Eight old postcards to add to my collection ... Dates on the back are 1911 & 1915  

Old wages book ... The starting wage rate was .25 cents per 1 hour.
 I am guessing it's from the 1930 /1940 era? 
Well friends that is all I was able to find on this trip that interested me.
I had expected to find more but we only found 2 Flea Markets & they didn't really have the kind of stuff that I am attracted too.
 We can now say ... Been There Done That ! 
Now I'm wondering where our next Treasure Hunt will be located????
When It warms up ... you can bet we'll be ready again!

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