Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Die for Valentines !

I need to go up to my Attic above the Garage to get the rest of my Decoration for Valentines Day.
However I don't think it is worth risking my life for!!!
The steps are covered with snow & under that is ice.
So until then this is what I have put out ...

LoVe  TrUe  LoVe
That makes me think of a line used in "The Princess Bride" movie.

I'm not going up there !!!!
Well not today anyway?

Several years ago I bought this on EBay.
I fell in LOVE with it!
Had to have it.
I could have made it myself  but sometimes I just like to buy from other crafters.
I don't even remember who the seller was.
I would love to see what she has new on eBay if anything at all?

What took my eye was the little Girl holding the Hen.
And of course the color Red !

It is a greeting card print that she decoupaged & then also added glitter to the edges.
Then she added her tole painted roses.
The finishing touch was the Crystal at the bottom!
She did a Great Job! 

I did find my little Valentine flag...
We'll see if that gets put outside before Valentines Day?
The snow is going to have to melt some!

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  1. Oh Princess Bride.... you mentioned a line from that movie... it was a family favorite and many lines from it have been quoted by my family throughout the years.... Oh Love TRUE Love I can still hear it!