Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Summer's Day Trip

This was a Wonderful Little Garden Lane.
 Built between two buildings in Blackwater, Mo

My Dearest Friend & Running Buddy !
Nancy at the fountain in the center of the walkway trying to cool off!

Me keeping cool!!!

Pretty Black-eyed Susan's at The Entrance of the Garden Path.

A sweet hand painted wall mural just as you enter the garden.

More pretty flowers at the entrance walkway.

Benches were on each side of the running water fountain ... Sweet!!!!

I just thought this was cute ... the stone bunny under the old chair. :)

More flowers...

This Old Windmill is in the middle of the street as you enter the Small Town of  Blackwell.
 Nice old windmill ... with flower boxes on the sides.
 Kind of neat I thought!

I think this was either a Bank or the Chamber of Commerce ... I'm not sure???
 Could be both ... LOL!

This is Main Street  ... It is the only street!
Very Small Old Historical Town

We found two Antique Shops ... Only one was Open.
Note : If you go to Blackwell ... go on a weekend trip. 
There was no one in town on the streets & it is dead on the weekdays!
They said that the shops are open on weekends.  

This is next to the train tracks & it is a Hotel.

The Train Depot

Old Grain Mill by the railroad tracks ... While we were there the train passed through at the end of town.
The railroad tracks are behind the old mill ... if you look close you can see them.

Old One Room School House
Now it's a Little Shop.

This Old Church is now being used for Live Theater.

This beautiful flower planter was at the end of the street. 
As we leave Blackwell ... We head to the next town
 Arrow Rock, Mo.

This is Downtown Arrow Rock, Mo.
 I found some Treasure's in a Flea Market for myself & also for my daughter ~ Sharla. 

I loved the Gingerbread on this old Victorian house!

Neat gingerbread on this old Victorian house too!

Next stop was just outside of Arrow Rock at a little Antique Shop with a alot of pretty flowers, & etc.
This place was Quite Amazing ! For that matter so was the Owner.
He was a Ole Hippie!
A Very Generous Fellow ... Quite Friendly Too! 

Another one of his shops full of Treasures.


 His Antique Barn ...

A Bed of Hostas...

Old walk through arch.

Nancy walking around through the Maze of Shops & Flowers.

This is where the owner lives & his yard is full of  Beautiful Flowers ... & lots of different colored Lilies.
 Which he dug up & gave some of them to me. :)
I can't wait until mine bloom this summer!

More pretty flowers.

Loved this old water pump that is now a fountain ... I'll me making me one of these! :)

This was his work shop...

Thought this was cute ... his Garden Butler ... I maybe painting this on one of my old wheelbarrow's now too ???  :)

Some of his many Lilies ...

Just an Old Bench in the Garden ...

You can't see the house for the flowers & vines that are growing up around the walk but
The Ole Hippie / Owner lives there! :)
I don't know but I bet there might be some other kind of "WEED" growing there too ???

We had a wonderful time shopping and then went on to Boonville, Mo.
 for our free meals & nights stay at "The Isle of Capri Motel / Casino"!

 $$$$$ Ca Ching $$$$$

Blackwell, Arrow Rock & Boonville, Mo.
Located ~ West of Columbia,Mo. off Interstate Hwy. I70 
 Between St.Louis & Kansas City.

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  1. Hi Glenda!
    Thanks for stopping by my much neglected blog and leaving a comment. It looks like you and I have a lot in common ;-). One of my favorite past times is wandering the streets of old Victorian towns searching for whatever lies around the corner. These two towns are darling!!!!

    God bless,