Monday, March 7, 2011

<>* Life is Funny Sometimes *<>

Life is funny sometimes ... I have this hydrangea plant that hasn't bloomed for several years.
So I was excited to see Last Spring that it had just 2 flower buds on it.
Yes just TWO !              Pretty Sad Right?

I Was Very Excited YEA!!!!

The funny thing is that it is on the backside of the bush so I have to walk up to it to enjoy the blooms! Another lesson in life I guess  ...
To appreciate that I have & am thankful that I have Eyes, Legs, & a God with a sense of Humor!

What A Pretty Bloom It Was Too!

Hoping & Praying this Year it will Bloom again & maybe God will give me 3 Blooms on the Front of the Bush!
Is that to much to ask for?


God  Is Good!


  1. What a wonderful post...Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for what he gives us.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. The year before last I only had a couple of blooms on mine , and that was the first year I had any , this last summer my bush was covered with blooms. Sometimes God teaches us that all things come with patience . Although I have a hard time with that. It is one thing I am constantly praying for.

  3. That sounds like a wisteria vine that covers a trellis over my carport. I have had it 10 years. It finally bloomed a few last year! Can't figure it out. judy

  4. Funny ... You mentioned that because I too have one that has never bloomed! Maybe this is the year? LOL!