Sunday, March 13, 2011

*""" Oh Baby Baby """*

Thats my baby !
 She is Old & has more Wrinkles than I do !
She needs a Face Job real bad !

My What Pretty Green Eyes You Have My Dear !

I bought her at an Auction when we first moved into this neighborhood.
She looked like she needed someone to love her.
Can you believe that someone would sell their Baby at a Auction ?

I am A Collector of Old Vintage Toys of All Kinds.
Love Me Some Play Doll Dishes.
However I think these were for a real baby. 

Sweet Little Fingers.

The Little Pink & White Bib is Vintage too. 

She is sitting pretty as time keeps passing her by ... but she is loved !


  1. Love your old doll ! i have about 20 in an old child's crib. The chippy one's are the best! judy

  2. she looks like she was and still is well loved!