Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Please ~ Someone Get the Phone !

My Collection of Vintage Toy Telephones

Some of them I bought from Flea Market's

Some of them I bid on & won from eBay.

All Colors
Red ~ Green ~ Blue ~ Black ~ Brown

This one was kind of a disappointment
because after I received it 
I found out it was Plastic ... so this is the one I let the Grand kids play with !

Another Flea Market Find
I don't think it was originally this color.
Someone must have painted it to go with their decor.
Which is OK with me because it goes with mine too. 
I put it in the Safari Bedroom. 

These are a  few of
My Favorite Things !

I Love All Old Toys!

This Red One & Blue One are the first ones that I bought.
I have had them for several years.

I am still looking for a Vintage Candlestick One that is Metal not Plastic.
Maybe Someday ???

OH ~ Wait ~  Hold the Phone !!!
I almost for got about my Toy Wall Phone.
What was I thinking??? 

The Gossip Sign was giving to me from one of my Sweet Daughters.
I hope you enjoyed my Toy Telephone Collection.

~ **************************~


  1. What a fun collection! I love the little green one the best.

  2. You have a really cute collection Glenda !This is something I don't see a lot of , must be hard to find ?

  3. OMG...I collect toy telephones too...but you have way more...Too fun! Thanx for following my blog and entering the giveaway! I am your newest follower. I enjoyed browsing your blog...Tiff