Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calling All Prayer Warriors !

This Little Guy Is Our Grandson
 " Deacon "
 He is in Children's Mercy Hospital in KC, Mo.
a very sick little boy.
He will be 1yr old this May.
He has MRSA & they have him hooked to IV feeding the antibiotics to fight the infection.
As of today it looks like he is starting to feel some better & the infected area is starting to look some better too. 
Please add Deacon & his Mom & Dad to your prayers. 
I am trusting God for his complete healing & praising his name with thanksgiving ! 



  1. He is a sweet little guy , he has been in my prayers .

  2. I just happened upon your sweet creative. I will pray for your little grandson.
    I don't have grandchildren yet, but know they are such precious gifts from God. I hope he feels better VERY soon.
    BB from Ga.