Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Going Camping ~ Vintage Style

 ~ Going Camping ~ 
It's that time again to get
 My Vintage Camper
all cleaned up inside & outside.

I have been looking forward to getting it in ship shape once again.

I keep it parked at my Daughters place in Warsaw, Mo.
They live about 1 mile from
 The Truman Dam & Lake.

I have plans to change things up some.
I am looking for a Vintage Glider & 2 Metal Chairs.
Which is very Hard to Find around Here!!!!!


Last year the water line was messed up
 I didn't have much water presser.
That has been fixed now so I can do the cleaning I need to get done.

I also got a need mattress since I took this picture.
It is much more comfortable now!

Look Out Lake ~ Here I Come!!!!!

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