Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ I'm Bored ~ This is something I would forbid my Kids to say !

I can't stand it anymore I got to have ME some Warm Weather & Sunshine !!!

When it is Cloudy, Cold, & Damp ~ I can be very moody to put it nicely !


I'm just a Lump of  Lazy, Bored, Lifeless & Down in the Dumps, Good For Nothing  Slug!

There I said it !

I've been laying around this house, reading my magazines, watching TV, checking my Face-book, talking to God / Praying!

His Reply ...

Sooo ???   

I am slowly moving around the house & I see lots of things I could be doing.

I am normally a very busy person & getting lots done!

Lets face it I'm no Spring Chicken anymore!

But I'm not one to see the Glass Half Empty either!

Though sometimes I do feel like I'm just going in circles.

For some odd reason I feel guilty if I just sit around all day & don't get anything accomplished.
Guess it's time to get up & get busy!

Thanks for listening to me rant & rave ! 
 I will take the Emergency Exit Now!

Hope I didn't scare you  away ... Please come back on A Sunny Day!

 I know I chatter on far too much ... but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. 

Tomorrow is Another Day with no Mistakes in it!
Quotes from ~ Anne Of Green Gables


  1. So often I could have written every single word of that post. Don't like those days at all! But, as you well know, they pass. Hope the funk is gone for you tomorrow.

  2. I know ! This weather has got to get better soon !