Wednesday, July 20, 2011

!!! Ok ~ That's All Folks !!!

 Day 4 & 5 of  my Sullivan, Mo.
Treasure Hunt

I found some real bargains!  

My pictures aren't the best ~  but it was hot & I was in a hurry!

Ole Blue Jars & Baskets & Birdcage & etc.

Barbed Wire Wreaths, Tractor Seat, Grapevine Wreaths
Yard Spreader of some kind?
I can just see this sitting in a Flower Bed with some Flowering Plants in it.

Snowman Fence Hugger

This Just Screams Country


Etc. Etc. Etc.

Metal Scale Pan, Sewing Notions, Ribbon, Ice Skates

Pretty Lace Curtain Panels, Enamel Ware Coffee Pot

Lodge Pine Trees, Pretty Throw Pillows, 3 Tier Metal Stand.

Ole Basket & Straw for my Chicken Nest
Red Plaid Fabric to use for Xmas Decor.

Set of 4 Chicken Plates

Green Granite Ware Pie Pan,
Ole Wood Tool Boxes

Cute little Pumpkin Stool 

Red & White Enamel Ware Mixing Bowl

Napkins & Dollies

More Vintage Table Cloths

Acorn Chair Great for Fall or with Lodge Look Decor.

More ~ More ~ More

Vintage Berry Bowl

Old Watering Can

Yellow Plastic Floral Tablecloth
keeping it use for myself
My Vintage Camper.



 To All  Serious Treasure Hunting Viewers Out There.
This next picture is a Heart Breaker!

The Last of My Treasures

Didn't  make it home in one piece.

Butttttttt Wait
Hold On

I can vision a Mosaic piece in My Future.

I know I plan too!!!

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  1. Wow, what a bunch of great finds! Those bushel baskets look wonderful, how fun for fall! thanks for linking up with VIF! xo Debra