Saturday, January 8, 2011

Down By The Riverside

Finally ... I have been looking high & low, 
 to & throe
for several years now!
 From  North to South , East to West , State to State , & found it down by the Arkansas River.
In Ozark Arkansas.
The River View Flea Market
Actually I found it over a year ago but it was WAY more than I wanted to pay for it. So I continued looking on EBay , Craigslist , Yard Sales & other Flea Markets.
While in Arkansas visiting my dearest friend Nancy.
We meet in Ozark for lunch & had their wonderful BBQ. 
Long story short ... 
This time when I went inside  ~  it was still there & I got it for more than half off!!!
 Well I guess you are wondering what I am planning on doing with this???
You will have to wait for the before & after pictures to come.
I'm not sure how soon I'll be getting this done ... due to the weather.
I am going to do some painting & need to do it outdoors. 
I will definitely post it when it is completed!

I am so excited
and have so many ideas swirling
around, and around, and around in my head !!!!!
Stay tuned...


  1. Glenda, this is a wonderful piece!!
    How lucky that it was marked down!
    It was meant to be yours.

    Do share what you do with it!

    :) Becky

  2. Love that piece... can so see that painted white with roughed edges.. or black?? Thanks for stopping by my blog.. Happy New Year!!