Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Doors Are Being Opened

It must be a God thing!!!
I have been trying to decide what I should do about some issues in my life
it seems the Lord is going ahead of me
 opening doors for me.

It is so exciting to see that he is working things out for me
 all I need to do is just Trust in ~  HIM ~ to see just what he has planned. 

I have been so Blessed by him through the years
 I give him all the Praise & Glory with Thanksgiving ! 

Sometimes it can be a little scary not knowing what is behind the door ...

not knowing where it might lead?

It's time to take the door knob & open the door to a new adventure
 different way of doing things.

I have to say that there is a PEACE of mind when you can see things falling into place.

Soon ~ I will hopefully be able to share with you what changes I am making. 
It isn't anything that "Big" but it will make my future a little easier & less stressful!



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