Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Want ME One of These !!!

I am going to have me one of these this summer !

Bottoms Up!

Guess I had better start drinking  the Wine now!!!

Really I am not much on drinking Wine.

I have tried to develop a taste for it.
I can't say that I really care that much for it. 

My Southern Roots go Deep... give me a Bud Lite & I'll be Happy.
Truthfully I can't even drink a whole bottle of that. 
I am more of a Sweet Iced Tea or Black Coffee sort of Gal! 
 My oldest daughter loves it .... so I've been getting some of my bottles from her.

I have collected some Blue ones & Green ones & a Brown one or two. 
I want some Red ones ... Those will be hard to find!!!

I would LOVE to have a Backyard Fireplace Too!

This is probably what I will end up with  ... until I get more bottles.

 So  "Cheers"  until then !



  1. I would be scared the sun reflecting thru the glass would start a fire...guess the "Fire safety Aussie" blood runs deep in me lol.

    I too dream of an outdoor fire place...we got plenty of wood to burn :)

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Welcome to my world and I love bottles everywhere too. I'll be happy to help ya empty a few ;-)

  3. How do they make em in pink?
    Have a lovely weekend.