Saturday, April 16, 2011

I LOvE tHiS TiMe Of YeAr

It's Spring !
All the Trees are Budding & the Leaves are Popping
Everything is getting Green & Lush!

My Lilac Bush is so Pretty & Smells Wonderful

The small Red Bud Tree next to the Bunny came up Volunteer.
Perfect ...  I couldn't have Planted it in a Better Place!

The Butterflies are Fluttering from Bush to Bush

~~ * ~~

My Dogwood Tree is Blooming
Well it has One Bloom ...
Remember this is the person who's Amaryllis bloomed on April Fools Day after 3 years of not blooming at all!

But My Ain't She Pretty ?

This Dogwood Tree is at the Edge of Our Yard
Blooming Crazy

My Bleeding Heart is Bleeding

One of my Favorite Plants of Spring is the Bleeding Heart

Wild Violets

In Two Different Colors

The Red Bud Trees are Popping

Oh and Yes ...

The Dreaded Dandelions are Popping up Too !

The Chicks will Be Hatching
Birds are Singing & Building their Nest. 



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