Monday, April 25, 2011

" What A Weekend "

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain
It Rained All Weekend

Notice My Mulch
This is where we added some more mulch from a different truck load & it was just fine till all the rain came.

It has washed the Stain off my newly spread mulch,

That should have Not happened ???

My Sky Light in my Master Bathroom has Sprung a Leak!
Grrr !!!

It has trailed over to above the shower...
It's too wet to climb on top of the roof to do anything about it...
Plus it is still raining with no end in sight for several days.

My Antique Well Pump is Standing in Water ?

Our French Drain that carries Water away from the House is having a Hard Time keeping up!

Our Own Private Lake !
We need Ducks!

They would just love this !!!

 Our Back Yard
Ok ... it can STOP now!

I love this ... I just had to share it!

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  1. I'm kinda on a hill so it all flows away from me , but down town Harrison is a mess , and I guess it's flooded around Tannycomo , it's going to stop sometime tonight and be dry tomorrow. We Hope !