Monday, April 4, 2011

The Little Lavender & Sage Green Bathroom

This is the Guest Bathroom now that the Girls are all married & left the nest!

I had collected these odd & end pieces over the years.
They don't match but I think they look nice together.

The Mosaic Vase is A Green Iridescent Color.
I just put a Spring Mix of Silk Floral in it!

~ Titled ~
Excuse My Back

This little cupid picture I bought several years ago just for the frame.
 It had an old calendar print in it of a bald eagle.
Much to my Surprise when I took that out to clean it up ...  
This is what I found ! 
I was Delighted to say the least !
It wasn't in the best condition but I didn't let that bother me one little bit!
Sorry this Photo isn't a very good one. It's to dark & my shadow is reflected in it.  



  1. I love that dresser set , even if it isn't a set. And that print is adorable .

  2. Such a sweet place for your guest to enjoy...Love the vintage pieces together.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Thinking on painting my older home with white paint sage green porch and lavender swing . crazy huh