Thursday, April 21, 2011

~*~ The Desires of the Heart ~*~

I made this post on April 21, 2011
I thought it would be a good time to catch you up to date with where I am
now in my relationship with

I find myself regaining my joy
trusting in him more everyday 
 praising his name!

Several prayers have been answered. 
I give him all the Praise & Thanksgiving!

I Wish You 
A Blessed & Happy Easter


Joy & Praise

 if you don't know him I prayer is that you would seek to know him

He is Risen
The Stone Is Rolled Away

I've been thinking alot about this for a while now.
What are My True Heart Desires & are they what they really should be?
I know that it is supposed to be God First, Husband, Kids / Grand kids, Job, Etc.
What really excites me?
What am I looking forward to?
Am I being true to myself?
Do I really get as excited about my relationship with Christ as when I first believed?
Am I Saved? Well Yes ... I know the answer to that ...  but by his Grace!
Do I look forward to Heaven? Well sure ...  but I am like that song "We all want to go to Heaven but we don't want to die" !
I had to look at myself square in the face & I realized that I don't feel the thrill that I once did.
I know that we are not to go by our feelings or what we can see ...  but by Faith.
Yet I also know that I see some Christians that are just oozing with it!
I have to say that sometimes that is a Turn Off to me! I think it comes off as being a bit to Fanatical.
Yet even then I wonder ... is that  how we are suppose to be?
I can't even make myself watch so many of those Christain Broadcast on TV.
I have just Two or Three that I feel are truly doing it for the Lord & not just for the fame & money they can draw in!
I get excited when I get to spend time with my Family ( Kids & G-kids ) & etc.
I get excited when I find a Treasure ( piece of Junk) .
I get excited when I hit a Jackpot!!!! :) Yes, I like to go to the Casino's occasionally.
I love the Lord & I am so Thankful for this life I have. He has So Blessed Me & My Family.
I praise him for all the answered Prayers & all the things he has done for me that I'm not even aware of !
My Hearts Desire is to get back to that Place ... Where I get as excited about Him as I know I should !
Does anyone else out there have this same problem & if so would you admit it?
I had to Admit it ... to Myself ! I want that feeling again !
That JOY that I once felt ! I want to be able to tell others about Him & not feel like no one wants to hear it !
I believe Jesus is still on the Throne!
I believe in Miracle's & Healing.
I Love the Story of the Woman in the BIBLE that just touched His Garment & knew she was healed !

Such Faith !
I found this "Quote" a few days ago & thought just how True it is !
" When You Reach The End Of  Your Rope ... You Will Find The Hem Of His Garment "
How Encouraging !

I am not a "Name it & Claim it" believer but I do believe HE paid the price for so much that we don't seem to think we should even bring before him!
That is sad to me because ... he paid the price & took it all on himself so we could have life, health, & prosperity.
I believe in Prayer &  that it works! I recently heard a teaching on Faith, Prayer & Healing. Pray once, then Give Praise, Honor, Glory & Thanksgiving to God ! That we don't need to keep bringing that same Prayer to him Daily as a request but just in Praise & Thanksgiving for what he is doing or about to do!
Trust & go by Faith &  not by what our Physical eye sees !
I think too that when we are believing for something that we should be careful who we tell this to because there are so many out there that don't believe the same way &  say negative things which might cause your faith to waver.
" The Doubting Thomas"  I say ...  Keep The Faith !
This Easter ... Take time to look at yourself  &  hopefully you are at that place ... Your Heart's Desire!

Color & Hide Some Eggs

I'm Sure He Knows Our Hearts Desire ! 


Have A Blessed Easter




  1. Dear Glenda,
    Wishing you a Happy Easter! I saw your comment on Sharon's blog and I came over to become a follower.

    This is such a powerful post--thank you for your inspiration. And hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Such a beautiful post. I can say nothing to add to it except to say you are not alone. I go through those very same thoughts quite often.

    May God bless.