Sunday, January 16, 2011

~~~* My Fair Lady *~~~

I took these pictures several years ago.
While on another one of my fun get aways with my BFF " Nancy".
We had decided to get out & go to some yard sales & we came upon this ...
                                              Blooming Lady !

         I'm not even sure what the name of the Little Town was ...
 but it was just off  Hwy 64 between Clarksville & Alma, Arkansas.

I thought she was Adorable !
And now I want one ! :)

Her dress is a mound of dirt just filled with Beautiful Blooming Rose Moss !

 Oh , and on the other end of her yard was this HUGE bird bath.
Can you guess what they used to make this out of ? :)
It at one time was a Satellite dish !
Only in Arkansas ??? 
I was born & raised there so I can say that! 
We are a very crafty bunch !

I think I'll pass on this one!
I don't have any birds that BIG! 

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