Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Ugliest Craft Ever!

 Just last summer I made the ugliest craft in my crafting history ...
 I tried my hand at Mosaic Art ...
 I made a gazing ball for an old bird bath stand that was my Grandmothers at one time...
 It was handed down to me from my Aunt.
By the time I got it finished I could of bought one much cheaper??? :) Oh well here it is ....

After it was all done it has kinda of grown on me. 
I think I do Like It ! :) 

I can't say that I really enjoyed making this thing either... :)
It took too long ... I like to make things I can start & finish in the same day.

 So when my daughter "Sharla" sees it  ... Guess what???
She wanted one just like it so ... being the  "Mom"  that I am ... I made her one too! :)

If you are wondering what I used for the ball shape ~ it was a  LG. Christmas Ball Orn.
They are hard to find but I had Two that was damaged so this is what I did with them!
I just can't throw anything away! LOL!

Now I need One more for My BFF ... She wants One too for her birthday in July ... We'll see about that???

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  1. I think it's cute! I miss my garden right now! You did a great job...no wonder everyone wants you to make them one!