Sunday, August 28, 2011

~ ! ~ More Vintage Goodies ~ ! ~

What a ~ SWEET ~ butter dish ~ very Retro ~ I just cleaned it up added a Red Checked Bow with  
The Co. Label Print
then added it to my booth
Fall Creek Flea Market
Branson, Mo. 

I found one on eBay that they wanted $35.00 for & that didn't include shipping.
!!!!! CRAZY !!!!!

A Nice Collection of Vintage Treasures.
Well ~ except for the Chicken ~ it's not very old?

Two Sweet Hanky's & Table Scarfs

Old Quilt Blocks & a Sweet Little Ceramic Kitty

Beautiful Hand Crocheted Table Scarves

Quart Size Oil Can, Red & White Enamelware Dish Pan, Old Serving Tray, Mixed Colors of Crochet Thread.

Tub Hanger Soap Dish, Jar Opener & more Quilt Blocks.

Red & White Handmade Hot Pads,
Two Blue Print Tea Cups
Table Scarf

Vintage Green Sewing Basket,
Old Nut Grinder
Green Print Fabric

Daisy Basket & Homemade Lye Soap ... made in Arkansas.
Petit Jean Mnt. 

This was My most Treasured ~ Treasure of the day!
White Edwinm Knowles China Butter Compote

It has some crazing in the bottom ... but that doesn't bother me one little bit!
In fact

My Birdie Dinner Plate & Tea Cup ... anybody got the matching Saucer?

I guess I am now collection these!
I found the Green Toile one a couple months ago
 this month I found the Red Toile one & the Red & Yellow Rose one. 
I think they are Avon  ... but I'm not sure?

The very old framed picture/poem is for a Mother .

Once again I have to say " Thats All folks " ... well for this post anyway !

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