Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Been A Crazy Past Few Weeks

Where Has My Summer Gone ???

I've been away from home this summer more that I've been home.

I was helping my Daughter # 1 " Sharla Gaye " with her business while she was away taking care of business!  :)

Oh yes ~  I've been on a few Treasure Hunts in between times of watching the Gift Shop & taking care of grand kids.

trip 1

 trip 2

trip 3
Then rushing home to see what kind of damage I had to deal with after a storm came through.
Not A Pretty Sight !!!!

I guess a Good Neighbor cut it down for us

piled it on our sidewalk for us.

another damaged tree

limbs & twigs all over the back deck

a piece of our trim blew down

luckily it wasn't damaged to much

The After

This was just last fall ... the prettest it had ever been.

My husband has been away for almost a month on a job. Thankfully he is back now & the yard looks better after we removed all the twigs, branches & then mowed the grass. 


In between trips ~ I was able to come home bring  2  of my grand kids home ~ one at a time.
Thats the way they wanted it! :)
Which was fine with me  ... That way we got to do the girl things & then the boys will be boys thing! LOL!

" Rickie & Cole  "
we went to the pool

we ate lots of ice cream

we caught crawdads

lizards and snakes

also minnows

Then a call from Daughter # 2 " Tressa MiKale " whom lives in Ohio. Seems our 3yr old Grandson " Chase " has been watching his Dad shave & decided to give it a try!


Every time I think about him now I have to Laugh Out Loud !  

But wait next we get a call from  Daughter # 3 " Terrill Lynn " & she has been a car wreck ... 3 cars were involved. It was a foggy morning & she was on her way to work at around 5:30 am (she is a RN. in the nursery department  @ the Bothwell Hospital in Sedalia , Mo.) seems when she topped a hill this man was stopped in her lane ... then after impact she was thrown into the oncoming lane where she then was hit from the rear by an oncoming truck. The air bag went off & she always uses her seat belt. I will say that they truly saved her life! PTL!

Terrill Lynn
Caution :
this next picture is not a pretty sight!!!


The airbag really did a number on her face & you can see the brusied  places where the seat belt left it's mark too!
Still waiting on the police repost so they can see what to do next!


and last but not least my 81yr old MIL "Betty" went into the hosiptial on Thursday for hip surgery.
I'm glad to report that she is doing GREAT!

So after all that I think I'm ready for Fall!
No I'm not really ~ I love Summer & not so crazy about Winter!

I do want to say that I am so thankful that my Lord has been right here with us watching & protecting us through it all!
I give him all the Glory, Praise, & Thanksgiving in Jesus name! 

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