Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~ * ~ Happy Hunting Grounds ~ * ~

I Love Hunting For Treasures

I Will Say Too That It Is Very Addicting !!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *** ~~~~~~ 

I think it is the beginnings of becoming a hoarder!
Because I admit I love all my Treasures & want to keep them all for myself!
while I do keep alot I do let go of some too ...

This is a Keeper !

Small Child's Gown

I Love String Tags

Old Bottles
The one on the left I just finished Crafting.
The 2 on the right I have started but not finished yet.

These Brown Bottles are Old Snuff Bottles.
I decorated the one on the right & plan to do the other one soon.
I found this cute little Ladle Spoon ... I think it must be for Honey or Jam.

This is a FAV !

I love Lace, Roses & Perils
This was an Old Whiskey Bottle which still had the label on it.
 I removed it even though it was still in good condition for a older bottle.
I like this much better.

I found this Jar at a Flea Market that someone else has put the lace & picture on.
  I added more buttons & a butterfly piece of costume jewelery to it. 
It makes a nice Spoon-er! 

Vintage Canteen Wine Decanter

Old Lamp

This is the type of lamp that sits in a Black Wall Mount Iron Holder

I just happened to have a Glass Chimney & Wick Holder
So now I need the Wall Mount Bracket 
Guess that will be on my next Treasure Hunting list!

Old Coffee Jar
I made a lamp out of it too!

Old Depression Glass Tea Jar
One Old Violin Shaped Bottle
Depression Glass Creamer

Tea Stirring Spoons ... I plan to keep them!

They are hard as hens teeth to find these days. 
I remember we had them when I was growing up & now you never see them anymore.

Depression Glass Vase with Poppy Design in the Glass.
Victorian Tapestry Pillow
Decorative Plate ~ Grace China ~ Made in Japan

Old Feed Sack in Reds &
Very Pretty
Green Fabric with Rose Designs print.

Red & White Hand Crochet Apron & Little Dress Pot Holder

Pair of Handmade Pillowcases
Lady's in Red & White Checked Dresses & Bonnets.
I will also be keeping these!

Vintage String Perils 


I have more Treasures to blog about but this is all of now ...
so until my next blog   

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I need to know if anyone other that my Facebook Friends are even finding me.  

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