Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Love, Love, Love Vintage Prints

Seems I am drawn to Lovely Old Vintage Prints.
Those with cottages nestled back in the edge of the woods.
Those with Victorian ladies draped in layers of clothing.
Then there are those with children at play.
Not to forget the ones with beautiful flowers.
Roses, Geranium, Daisies, & Apple Blossoms
I Love Them All !

Here are 3 of my latest vintage print finds.

I was taken by the loveliness of this lady in the spring color hues.
So .. I just had to have her ... Right ?
I also thought the frame was perfect & had a vintage patina that only time can make. 

Print Title  ~  Awakening Of Spring


 My Hint for ~ A Treasure Hunter !

When I buy old framed prints I always take them apart to clean the glass both inside & out.
I found out years ago to do this because the print you bought could be only part of the bargain.


Years ago I bought a picture only for the frame. It had an UGLY calender print of a Bald Eagle.
Much to my ~ SURPRISE ~ when I took out the UGLY print ~  the print behind it was of a
Sweet Vintage Cupid.

Title ~ Excuse My Back

So I cleaned the glass then put it back into the frame & I still have it to this day hanging in my upstairs hall.  

Surprise !!!

While taking this framed print out of a 8X10 frame I noticed that it had been folded to fit the frame. 
I carefully took it out & unfolded it ... it was so old the paper was very fragile.
I then took the print & turned it upside down & ironed it on a warm setting.
Then I took some clear contact paper & covered the backside only.

I Love It !

I plan to take it & get it matted & framed now.

I scanned the 8 X 10 size folded print & made a new copy to put back into the vintage frame. 
Which I will be putting in my Booth at the Fall Creek Farms Flea Market .

This little frame had a vintage postcard print.
I removed it & put it with my postcard collection.

Red Geraniums

the before & after

Sweet !

The Old Cottage

nestled in the woods

cropped & photo-shopped

Gateway to A Country Lane ... that is what I call this one.
I don't know the real title ?

This is a keeper!

 Title ~ Young Mother


I hope you enjoyed this post of 
My Vintage Prints

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