Sunday, July 3, 2011

~!~ Finally In The Ground ~!~

I've been away for several days
 while I was away I bought these White Day Lilies on sale!
I just now got them in the ground.

My Sweetie helped me dig the holes for them.
If you live in Missouri then you would know why I get his help!
God Blessed Us
with plenty of rocks! 

My Echinacea 'Magnus'
I know I can't Pronounce it either???
These were also on sale ... so I bought 6 of them! 

These Tolerate Hot Dry Conditions
Perfect for Sunny Locations.

I have been trying to plant perennials that can take hot dry weather.
That way when I have to be gone from Home in the summer months
I don't have to worry about them so much.


They attract Butterflies too!

Surely I can keep these alive???

Butterflies make me Happy!

This is what happens ...
 when you forget to water a plant for over 2 weeks!

Bless My Sweet Husband!
He watered all of the plants but somehow missed this one???

My Hosta Plants 
The deer came while I was away also!

They ate the large leafs & left the stems!
They also ate some of the buds off my Day-lilies!


Here are some of my plants that got watered
the deer didn't eat!!!.

I LOVE these Large Colorful Leafs

Beautiful Vivid Color Daylilys

Next Picture

Almost ~ X Rated !

Found these in my Flower bed.

In Hot Pursuit!

Sweet Turtle Love!


  1. The Arkansas ground is hard to dig too .Those rocks can ruin a shovel . I love the turtle love picture !

  2. I know about those Arkansas rocks too Sharon ... I was born & raised in Crawford County, Arkansas. LOL! My Hubby bought me a Pick Hoe yesterday at Lowe's. Do you think he is trying to tell me something??? LOL!