Friday, July 29, 2011

! I Need To Blog Today So Here Goes !

My Latest Craft Project

Bottles ~ Bottles ~ Bottles 

Vintage & Not So Vintage

Lace, Bibbons, Keys, Etc,

This was a old pop bottle that has turned color.
It is a soft lavender color.

Glass Keepsake Canister

 Ok ~ I know it's not a bottle but I decorated it anyway!

Shhh !

This is a Birthday gift for a My Dear Friend Nancy.
I found the ( N ) Pin while on my last Treasure Hunt.
The Bling High-Heel Shoe is a Necklace.
I think it is safe to post this because she doesn't do computers!

Now to put the prices on them????
 Hmmm ...
 I always Hate that part!

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