Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Opened Doors

Last week I made a post about doors being opened for me.
 It truly has been a answer to Prayer for me.
I needed to make a move to leave a Flea Market in Warsaw, Mo. that I have been in for over 20 years.
My sales there had not done good for sometime now ( due to the economy ) so I needed to make a decision what to do & where to go?

Seems that the Lord Jesus knew just what I needed before I did because things just started falling into place for me without me even really calling on him to help me.

I am real good at trying not to bother him with my trivial things.
 I know he has much bigger things to do than fix my mess!

!!! NOW !!!

I am so excited to let everyone know that I now have moved my Booths to a new Flea Market here in Branson, Mo. 


Monday - Sunday
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


                        We ( my Sweet Hubby & I ) have worked most of the week getting it set up.
 I still have somethings to do but this is what it looks like as of yesterday evening!

I also want to mention that I am still at Fall Creek Farm Flea Market here in Branson, Mo.

I love that now I am in two different locations here in Branson.
This should make it much easier for me to take care of them.


I have another location that my Lord Jesus opened a DOOR for me that I am looking at ~ in Ozark, Mo. 
They are wanting me to bring in my Floral Arrangments & Wreaths along with other pieces.

So I need to get busy & make up several things to take up there as soon as I can before the holidays are over!
When I get them all done & that booth set up ~ I'll make another post & share it's location with you.

So until then ...


  1. It's going to be so nice (especially this winter) to be that close to your flea mkt. spaces. Good luck & we'll watch for you in Ozark. Jan

  2. Your booth looks great Glenda ! Can't wait to get a chance to get back up there and take a look. I have a feeling I'll be going often .