Tuesday, June 14, 2011

- $ - Not a 24 Karat but It's Big ! - $ -

Don't you LoVe it!!!
I found it in ~ This Cute Little Shop ~ in Ozark, Mo.
The Avant Garde'n

They Have The Sweetest Little Porch Entrance!

Pretty Flower Beds

The Entrance
Very Eye Catching


I LoVe RED !!!!!

A Great Way To Display Your Old Doors.

This wall I Loved & I am trying to think of a place that I can do this!

Hummm ????

If  for some reason you find yourself  in Ozark, Mo.

You need to Check Out this Little Avant Shop ! 


I'm adding their Link for you to check out there Blog.


  1. I love the carrot, is this the same rabbit that I was raving about.

  2. We went in this shop for the first time Wednesday.
    It's really cute !