Sunday, June 12, 2011

~ ! ~ I Love Ferns ~ ! ~

I love ferns  & I like to put them in all kinds of different containers.


This Rack was for Royal Crown Cola Crates ... My Sweetie brought this home to me from work one day !
I was So Excited ... Who needs Roses & Candy ?
Just A Piece of Junk & I'm Happy!

The more Rustic the better!

Old wash tubs work great because I can put about 2 inches of water in them & leave them for a few days if  I need to be gone.

Old Wheel Barrows work the same way.

I Love the Large Plumes on This Fern  

 A Wire Basket Stand Works Great Too !


I Just Added My Gray Granite Ware Dish Pan To Hold The Water! 

My Back Yard Wheel Barrel with Fern

Plumosa / Asparagus Fern Sprig

Large Sized Wire Basket Stand

Smaller Wire Basket Stand with a Sprengeri Fern.

Wash Tub & Ringer with a Sprengeri Fern

 Poor Matilda My Pot Lady Is Having a Bad Hair Day!

I almost forgot this one ~ My Wire Fern !


  1. Hi Glenda, LOVE this post!! Your ferns are gorgeous, loved hearing you say, who needs candy and flowers when you could have junk!! I'm featuring your post at VIF on Thursday. Thanks for linking up,
    xo Debra

  2. Glenda, you have fabulous containers. I have been searching and searching for an old wash tub like that to use as a beverage container. No luck yet. I'll be searching again this Saturday. :) Hope you are having a wonderful week. ~

  3. Wow your garden is just amazing love how you have everything displayed! I am a new follower also...