Saturday, June 18, 2011

??? Some People !!!

This week & next ~ I am working at my daughters shop while she & my son in law are in Italy on a much needed vacation!

 "The Pecan Grove Campground / Gift Shop / Log Cabins Rental"

To make a long story short ... I had my first Run In with one of the Cabin Renters yesterday morning as they were checking out!
Seems he wasn't happy with some of the Rules ... Like no Beverage Drinks in the Hot Tub & No Smoking in the Pool Area. I think he wanted a refund after staying 2 nights in the cabin & enjoying all the benefits ... Pool / Hot Tub & ETC.
Due to the fact that this is a Family Owned & Operated Business they like to keep it a Family Friendly environment.
So to do that they have to set some rules.
The Cabins have No Smoking & No Pets allowed inside. We furnish ashtrays for those who do smoke to set outside on the porch. So when I went to clean them after they had left ... the Cabin reeked of  not Cigarette Smoke but Cigar Smoke!
I am pretty sure that the Dog also had enjoying the air conditioning!
They left Potato Chips strode on the floor & their trash was still everywhere!
Needless to say they won't be staying in These Cabins Ever Again!
They are now on the  Don't Rent To ~ Ever Again List!!!!

Just had to VENT a little hope you didn't mind!!!!


  1. some people is right. Just think of what they must do to their own homes.
    People like that eventually 'get their's"... Hope your kids enjoy Italy. It is amazing!

  2. I envy them for having their grand vacation in Italy, my dream place. Hope they enjoy theirs and your short job their as well.