Sunday, June 5, 2011

Candle Light Chandelier In My Tree

My Night Light !

I made this several years ago but it needed redone due to being out in the weather year round !
Sooo ~
 I got to work & added
 New Paint, New Wired Grapevine, New Ivy Vine & New Candles.

At one time this was a Brass Chandelier.

I used Brown Camouflage Paint so it would be a Flat Brown Color.

I bought the Wire Ivy Garland & then I also spray painted the Wired Grapevine so I could reuse it.

The Candle Cups wasn't flush with the bottom so I had to come up with something that would hold the glass votives in place
sooo  ....

I used the Waxy Floral Tape It sticks like Gum !!!

I bought these Glass Votive last year & forgot where I put them!
I hate when that happens!
The Hunt Was On & Praise God ~ The Old Blind Sow Found A Acorn !!!

Meanwhile back on the Farm .... I put the Tacky Floral Tape inside each cup holder.

 !!!!  Walla  !!!! 

Not To Shabby???
 Wait A Minute ~  It is Shabby ~ Chic !

 I love Shabby Chic & Garden Cottage Stuff !

Makes me Smile


  1. I love it ! Think I need to make me one !
    Sharon's Wannabe Cottage

  2. I love the whole idea - one of these would look very pretty hanging from the porch ceiling too., Thanks for the inspiration!