Friday, October 29, 2010

The Boston Mountains Scenic Highway 71 Loop in Arkansas

Scenic Highway 71 begins at the edge of the Arkansas River Valley and extends 42 miles across the Ozark Mountains to Fayetteville. These rugged mountains are the home of good people surviving and thriving in the heart of the legendary Ozarks. The mountains are also home to many artists, outstanding crafts folk and many fine musicians. Little towns like Mountainburg, Chester, and Winslow offer good home cooked meals, mountaintop lodging, retreat centers and spectacular vistas and views from Artist Point and beyond. Beautiful Lake Fort Smith, one of the finest State Parks in the country, has amazing accommodations and activities for the entire family. Ozark Folkways, just south of Winslow, offers a year-round Craft School and an arts and crafts gallery that's open seven days a week. Brentwood features local music in season and West Fork offers their own Saturday night tradition, the "Little O’ Oprey.” Your visit to Arkansas and the Ozarks would not be complete without a slow, winding trip through the beautiful, meandering Boston Mountains Scenic Loop Highway 71.


  1. G'morning, Glenda..I was so glad to hear from you..and, as I said before, so glad to find you are blogging.
    I love the state of Arkansas. My brother lives in Little Rock and we made a lot of trips to see him several years ago. He always showed us so many pretty places..
    I don't see him as much anymore but that is a long sad story.
    ANYway, this looks like a wonderful trip to take while in Arkansas.
    Good good luck on your are off to a great start.
    Anything I can do to help along the way, just let me know.
    hugs, bj

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