Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's a Beautiful Fall Day in The OZARKS once again.

I'm thinking of going for a drive down south this beautiful sun shiny day. Who knows where I'll end up at????
Last summer I went on a drive to my friends house that lives in Clarksville, Arkansas. On my way there I went through this little old town near the Buffalo River. This old house caught my eye so I turned around and went back for some pictures. Being a florist I just thought this was so neat. I love IVY!!!
I could imagine a photographer could really  be creative with this in a photo shoot.

I have to say when I see old homes that no longer have families living in them. It makes me kind of sad & I wish I could hear the walls tell their stories of the past. I went up to the windows & peeked inside ... The floors were all fallen in & there were trees growing inside reaching for the light that the windows let come through. But for some reason the owner did keep the yard mowed. I had to think it must of been his old home place? Anyway here are the photos. I hope you enjoy them too! I have to say also that it is kind of appropriate too that the cobwebs are round about this time of year. SPOOKY!

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