Thursday, April 12, 2012

~ ! Spring Cleaning ~ Planting ! ~

Yes ... it is TIME to do both!

my newest treasure 
A Vintage Mop Bucket

No ... I don't plan on doing any mopping with it!

Just fancied it up
with some silk flowers, burlap ribbon, & a vintage embroidered table linen.
  Just couldn't stop there I had to attach this Cute Little Lady Bug! 

It has had it's day but still in fine shape to mop with!

There are no holes in this Mop Bucket it will still hold water!

looks GREAT with my other garden tools!

The backside has some red looking stain on it ~ I love it!



Now it is ready to go find it's New Home!
I plan to put it in one of my Flea Market Booths.

I also plan to attach this Picture as part of the decoration & the price will be removable on the backside.


I'm thinking it would make a great Mothers Day gift!   

Here are some pictures that I found online with some other cute ways it could be used!

Fill it with potting soil & plant a real Geranium in it. 

or maybe

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