Monday, October 7, 2013

~ Found and Brought Back To Life ~

It was thrown in a brush pile ready to be set on fire at a later date.
I just happened to catch a glimpse as I drove by.
I didn't stop at that time because I thought it was probably in really bad condition.
Maybe pieces busted, missing or rot.
Plus it was dated from the 90's.
 Note the heart cut out on the handle in the next picture.   
After passing it by for a couple days.
Late one night I couldn't stop thinking about it .
 Mostly because I am a hoarder and can't throw anything away that might could possible be saved and have a new life.
So my wheels started turning & yes I stopped the next trip by the burn pile. 
Jumped out and grabbed it.
My husband then says what are you going to do with that piece of  Junk.
(you would think after 44yrs he would stop asking)
God Love Him!
I forgot to take a before picture but maybe you can kind of tell what it was before I painted it the orange color.

I removed the oak handle first thing.
Sanded it and then spray painted it.
 Next out came the sander.
I painted some groves to give it the pumpkin shape
 then some curly vines were also added.

Got the glue gun out and some burlap.
Then added a twig stem & some fall silk leaves.

It would look great with a Fall Mum inside the basket or a mixture of Gourds & Dried Indian Corn on the cob.
Whatever your Hearts delight!

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