Thursday, January 24, 2013

~!~ Bless My Old Drawers ~!~

This old desk drawer was calling my name !
Come make me pretty & usable again.
So I got busy
got out my paints & other tools
First I cleaned it
 then added my print to the inside of the drawer.
I found the prints on a free copy site 
I used two different ones
 did an overlay
 on the larger one in the background. 

I painted the top & sides.
 Then used a tool that I made myself to make it look like
I left the inside of the drawer with it's natural vintage patina.

I added a
Vintage Glass Knob
Fancied  it up with some burlap, ribbons, lace,
an my handmade tag. 
 it is now in my Flea Market booth
 RZ'S Flea Market 
for someone to enjoy.



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