Thursday, December 6, 2012

~!~ My String Pearls Necklace ~!~

When I was a Child the last thing I wanted for CHRISTmas
 was a string of Pearls !
But as luck would have it the same girl in my class would draw my name every year ... well for at least 3 years in a row!
I would get the usual .99 cent strand of fake pearls every year.
I never worn any of them.
I wasn't your pearl necklace kind of gal back then.
In fact I was quite the ~Tom Boy ~ outdoors type of girl.
I was always riding my horse, squirrel hunting, or fishing in a creek or some farm pond with my brother.

Childhood memories of CHRISTmas past.

Yes, today I wish I had keep them all ! 

I have found that I like the
Vintage Elegance
that they have
 so I have collected several strands to adorn my home.

some are single strands & some have several strands

some are Blinged out

some are
dainty & delicate

 are child size

I have clustered several
 types & lengths

I found most of them at

 Thrift Shops ~ Yard Sales
Flea Markets

funny how "Age" can change some things

Happy New Year
 You & Yours



  1. Love your blog, you are just "up the road" from me in NW Arkansas! Come for a visit to Granny Mountain!

  2. Joy Tilton ,,, I am not sure where Granny Mountin is but I would love to come visit sometime. Do you have a shop by this name?