Thursday, August 16, 2012

~ There's a Possum in The House ~


While making my plans to go visit my dear friend.

She gave me a call the night before my departure & this is what she said ...

Glenda .... I have a problem !
So as my mind is racing with thoughts of just what it could be ???
I in my wildest dreams never expected to hear what she was saying on the other end of this conversation!

She went on to say that she heard a slithering / nibbling sound under her bed the night before.
So she decided to investigate just what kind of critter she was dealing with.
Thinking she had a mouse ???
NOT !!!! 
Flashlight in hand & there it was ...
looking back at her were two little beady red eyes !!!

So now she is calling "The Critter Gitters" who live 45 miles or more away!
So long story short they can't make it until the next day.

Next Day

I arrive & they are there under her house & have caught a large "Mom" possum plus 1 baby.
Seems that she had dug under the house / through the air condition return air duct
 made a nice nest to have her little ones.
Guess she had been there for sometime because the babies were now weaned.


Tools needed to catch a Possum ???

Live trap for catch & release

The "Critter Gitters" made a point to tell us that they catch & release !
My friend told them that she was a "Farm Gal from Missouri "
 that we have a whole different method of catch & release from where she was from !

Whatever it takes to "STOP" them from coming in the house!!!

The cat food goes in the live trap.

cat food for bait

and if all else fails Rat Poison

other tools could include


Fish dip net with long handle !

maybe even a hammer

We were catching young possums
 Tuesday evening until Saturday morning! 


Total count
 5 babies & 1 Mom

We Got Them ALL  !!!!

~!~  Country Girls Can Survive  ~!~

Sorry but ... I have to say that both adult & baby possums are ugly from my point of view !!! 

Just one more Funny Chapter to our book of a 30 yrs + Friendship !
We have several chapters to our book of "Funny Tales".

They have kept us in stitches just thinking about them as we are growing older! 

Hope I didn't offend anyone or bore you with the details but
 a Girl has got to do what a Girl has to do !

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  1. I'm with you ,they are ugly critters ! Nothing cute about them. One step up from an armadillo .
    Glad she got them all .