Wednesday, July 18, 2012

??? It was Slim Pickins ???

Slim Pickins
but Sweet just the same!

I just thought this Old Jar with the Floral Decal was SWEET!

I think this was an
 "Old Coffee Jar"
 that some crafty person added the Floral Basket decal. 

I also found the hand crocheted hot pads in Green & Red.

The lid has that patina

It's a Keeper not going to sell this one
it is sitting on top of my Fridge! :)

Vintage Shaker & yes I'll be keeping it too !!!

This is a door knocker ~ my plan is to use it to hold paper napkins outside on my picnic table.
It will keep the wind from blowing them everywhere!
It could also be used hold notes on your desk or counter.

1 comment:

  1. I love that jar ! There is something about those old decals .
    I went back and looked up your blog posts that I had missed after you left . It was sure nice talking to you today !