Thursday, July 5, 2012


Black & Gold Lamp
and it's very
" Retro "

( found in a throw away pile at a thrift store )

All finished now ...
 I always forget to take the before pictures.
 I am so into getting it refurbished & looking like new again
I'm almost done when I think
 !!! Darn !!!
 I should have taken the before pictures.

So ~ I'll just explain it to you ... 

the metal pieces were a Gold Brass finish ~ but in very bad condition.
So ~ I spray painted them is a Black Satan finish.

The lamp shade is also a Gold finish but it had some scuff marks & small dents.
I bought a roll of Black tulle & wrapped it with that so it would let the gold shine through but not be able too see
 Boo Boos so much.

Put it all back together & rewired it.

for a added touch
I added the Gold Cord Trim around the Lamp Shade top & bottom.
I also found this Gold & Black Jewel that was originally a xmas ornament
 hung it from the lamp switch knob.


it will be for sell soon 


The Magpie 
 Clarksville, Ar.

It's a great "Little Shabby Chic" experience!

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