Thursday, January 12, 2012

*~* One Red Rose *~*

It looks like we are going to have another artist in the family!
This Opened Rose painting was done just last week by my grand daughter ~ Rickie.
She is 14 & this was her first oil painting class.

My sister " Lavon " was offering the art class.
 So I called my grand daughter to see if she might be interested.
It was a go!!!! 

My sister is an Artist & a Professional Photographer.
You should check out her web site.
She has some beautiful works!

also check out this utube video ... you will be impressed ! :) 

Comments made by my Sis....
The key to a successful painting class is to start out with home made hot cocoa and marsh mellows. :) Student totally agrees with this theory!

My student did an awesome job on her painting today! We focused on perspectives and color values, mixing paint for the right consistency, and a dry brush softening technique. She painted the center of a red rose, and it's gorgeous! Congrats Rickie Branson!

Hard to believe this will become a beautiful Rose painting.

I'm impressed!!!!!

Finished !!!

Work of Art !

Signed by the artist ~ Rickie B.

~ Rickie Branson ~


I think she is hooked now & plans to take some more lessons when she can work it into her busy schedule.

Have a Great Day & May God Bless You


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