Friday, January 6, 2012

~ ~ ~ I'm Still Here ~ ~ ~


It has been a fast / crazy end to a crazy year!
Seems that it was Fall & then here we are & it's the New Year!
Where does the time go????

Through it all we have been Blessed!

I was hoping it would start out better than the way this past year went out!
Christmas was good but could of been better!
Seems that everyone was sick with head / sinus colds or some other bug!
We were able to see all the Kids & Grand kids but not all at the same place or time this year.
This is the first Christmas that I can remember that ever happening!

I need a Dislike button!!!!!

This week I had to take my Sweet Hubby "Bill" to have a precancerous growth removed & sent to the Lab to make sure that he is cancer free!

Note to self ... make appointment for Colonoscopy !
(1 in every 4 will have colon cancer)
Please if you are over 50yrs. make your appointment also!
It could save your  life! :)


He is sitting easy & moving slow today but so for so good ...
We should hear something by next Tuesday ... Pins & Needles until then!

I am looking forward to Spring & getting out for some Treasure Hunting.
My Flea Market Booths are needing revamped now that Christmas is over.
I dread it ... trying to find places to hang / store all those Xmas wreaths & arrangements that didn't sell ????
I posted several of them in some older posts if anyone is interested in any certain one just make a comment & we can maybe work out something.  :)

Until my next post ... Take care & enjoy each day, make time for prayer, yourself, family, & friends.

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